Mutu is a group of versatile international performers who play contemporary and com-provised music. Its instrumentation (flute, clarinet, trombone, percussion, female voice, cello, electronics) has been designed to suit multidisciplinary contexts, making Mutu a chameleonic ensemble with natural habitats ranging from concert halls and opera houses, to theaters and dance podia. Mutu commissions composers, and keeps new work alive by reprogramming it in new contexts.


Photo by Philip Van OotegemWorking with the Mutu Ensemble was a really fine experience! Collaborating with these young talented musicians led to a great concert and recording of my work Four Elements in a new exciting version. I hope that our collaboration will continue in the future.

Wim Henderickx

Ji Youn Kang

I feel lucky I had the chance to write for Mutu, because the inspiring musicians were eager to understand the ideas, meanings and intentions behind the notes, and this way truly tuned with the work until making it ‘their piece’; and in an exceptionally warm and friendly working atmosphere!

Ji Youn Kang

Henry Vega copia.jpg

Writing for Mutu’s extraordinary talented performers and unique instrumental setting has been precisely the kind of challenge that highly stimulates me creatively.

Henry Vega