The Tailor-made modus operandi consists in commissioning established and/or young composers to write new contemporary music for the Mutu Ensemble. With this the ensemble contributes to the creation of new music and, due to the interaction with living composers, nurtures itself acquiring a mature understanding of the most recently developed tendencies of this music style.

At our current project Dream Stuff a Tailor-made modus operandi is happening in Collapsing Nudes by Henry Vega and BiNaRi by Ji Youn Kang. Both got the subsidy “Werkbeurs” from the FPK (Fonds Podium Kunsten) for writing their pieces for Mutu.

With the first Tailor-made modus operandi featuring in Dream Stuff, the Mutu Ensemble aims at presenting their idiosyncratic musical character by commissioning compositions that take in consideration the peculiarities and potential of such an ensemble:

  • Individual’s skills: highly creative, versatile, technically skilled and experienced players
  • Exploring particular tutti textures
  • Unusual timber groupings such as: Trombone as male counterpart of the female voice; Clarinet’s virtuosic extended effects joining forces with the electronics; Extending the metal section by joining the trombone with a twangy voice and electronics that reinforce the singer’s formant (between 2000Hz and 4000Hz); Dialogues between recorded speech and sang and spoken words, etc.
  • Exploiting the sound versus meaning duality that the voice provides
  • Electronics as a regular member of the ensemble: spices up the possible global timber and broadens the palette of musical combinations; may awaken questions such as: Which musical roles could it accomplish? Could it have the same role as the other instruments?; Which interaction could it have with the more conventional instruments?; How could one achieve a symbiosis between acoustic and electronic sounds?; How could one give to the electronics a distinctive and individual voice?; All other instruments have intrinsic limitations, would then the composer set limited features also for the electronics?; Can it be written down clearly on the score so that it can be faithfully reproduced or should one use other ways of triggering musical material?

A secondary goal for this first Tailor-made  working situation, is to promote the Mutu Ensemble. Since it is the first edition of the Tailor-made setting, it is important that it reaches the broadest audience possible. In order to ensure this, after launching the Dream stuff project through a series of concerts, it will be commercially made available through Internet and backed up with a strong PR campaign.

Because of this, composers are asked to bear in mind during their compositional process that their piece will reach both kind of audiences, the one that attends to live concerts and the consumer of online music. So their works will be written with the most careful focus on detail and artistic depth that a contemporary concert piece demands, while also presenting an aesthetical search that should penetrate the market of those of a “younger” generation who do not attend contemporary music concerts, yet consume interesting electronic music.